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Sculptural project of public intervention/participatory art.

The idea of a sculptural project, that ends up breaking into the public space, was what motivated Pineda to return 10 years later, to the point where he began to work with migrants that was his original town in the Isthmus region, in Oaxaca, and now not only to capture this Human Migroma as described by Father Alejandro Solalinde (from who he took the title of the project) but also to ensure that Migrants, in their current transit condition, experience the creative process as a real exercise of awareness, containment, freedom and/or complaint for that he used silhouettes of migrant people that he had drawn years ago in her series » THE WAYFARER» and which she now resumed as sculptural silhouettes on balsam wood. The flow of migrants and the routes changed so the project took place at different times, 7 months passed in order to intervene 30 pieces that finally formed the 30 sculptures of the real-life project (180 x 60 cm) in which participated migrants from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and different communities such as the Garífuna.