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Paper Walkers

It is a project of Participatory Art, which tries to provoke the conscience and civic action since an artistic process. The project is derived from a file of drawings in the shape of silhouettes, entitled «The Wayfarer» made between 2007 to 2011 during the artist’s travels with the migrant community along the migratory route in Mexico. Pineda selects 30 silhouettes from that series of drawings and produced them in life-size in stencil with which he guided a collaborative process with migrant people who arrived at the migrant and humanitarian aid shelters in the country. These drawings evoke a multicultural and human exodus. The «process» proposed by «Paper Walkers» is achieved through the participation and appropriation of the Transmigrante community, in the creation of the works and their participation as social agents with rights, carrying an experience and in many cases abuses and complaints. «Paper Walkers» dignifies the action, the search and the right to life itself of those who emigrate, beyond borders and inflexible laws. It is a piece that concentrates in itself the duality of the human being. The same duality that makes every human being walk towards their own earthly or spiritual yearnings, and that represents human spiritual and thought mobility not only as a necessity, but as a right.