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Visual artist. Interdisciplinary. Self Taught.

Born in 1980 in Juchitán, Oaxaca, Mexico, he lives and works between Belgium and Mexico.

Cristian Pineda is an interdisciplinary and self-taught Mexican artist whose work,
It encompasses diverse media, including drawing, painting, sculptural object, intervention and installation, and video.

His work is known for the exploration and subjective processes of themes such as identity, movement, the human condition, displacement, absence, being a migrant, borders, violence and participatory art. Pineda often uses his own migration as a powerful symbol of creation. Whose work, particularly exemplified by his work with migrants «Human Movement» is deeply topical in contemporary art.

«Human Movement» brings together under this name various projects initiated from 2006 to date, being key pieces in his work and his creation processes, capturing the subtle intentionality with which he evokes human migration. Through these moving and harsh creations, Pineda raises questions about the place of the individual in the great movement called the world, how we situate ourselves in the face of the timelessness of time and the tension between the human being and the chaos that surrounds him.

His works become an active path on the universality of human experience, revealing the vulnerability and resistance of the individual within the vast path of manifest experiences in contemporary life. Pineda’s work invites viewers to explore their own existence, promoting a deeper assimilation of the interconnection that unites humanity.

Fotografía: Paco Díaz