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When one speaks of the Absolute or the Absolute, it implies that it must be real; regardless of being or not being known.

Why otherwise the absolute would be conditioned to the subjectivity of knowledge and would be contradictory.

However, the very attribution of being real conditions a priori a notion; therefore it is arbitrarily subjecting the absolute to the notion of being or reality and should not be subject to notions either.

In philosophy a definition for the absolute is inappropriate; and in actually trying to do so we postulate our own idea to the uncertain.

The absolute is also based on being transcendent or by counterpart as a principle of reason, as a postulate of a transcendental idea.

These references are intertwined in these small works entitled Absolute. Which were conceived and carried out following his artistic search for abstraction in small-format canvases as if he wanted to frame his abstract narrative in mystery.

They are paintings of great value because they condense a series of organic, superimposed, slippery, repetitive references that end up expanding in their abstraction.

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