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Dance Performance

By the « Ballet des Jeunes » Eastbelgium.

Memory of the Human Mobility Exhibition


Choreography: Fernando Flores Juárez & Anna Edelhoff / Dance center «Bewegung & Tanz».

The collaboration between Fernando Flores Juárez and Cristian Pineda emerged in a very spontaneous manner due to the special interest that both artists harbor for Human mobility.

During this performance, the young dancers of the Ballet des Jeunes Eastbelguim presented an interpretation of Cristian Pineda’s Human mobility exhibition from a different dimension. In response to the people who have had to flee as a result of conflict and violence in their home countries, the dancers offered, through their performance, a new emotional experience, which takes the audience through a sensitive experience of the world, of life and even perhaps of the feeling of a migrant. Live music intensifies these sensations.

The performance is divided into three moments, which accompany each of the three projects in separate rooms.

1. The dancers accompany the Paper walkers through their migration. The walkers must keep moving. For them, to stop signifies the end of a goal they have not yet achieved. Stopping means: the path is here, nothing else happens here. The impulse itself threatens with atrophy;  indifference and despair follow, anarchy and violence create deaf and mutes.

2. Circles of Life. What do migrants and refugees leave behind in the caves whilst travelling across the border? What happened to the people who wore the clothes retrieved by the artist? Did they reach their destination? Can the lovers stay together? Who got hit by the bullets?

Conducted by Simon Mensel, the “Eastbelgica” stringquartet accompanies the dancers as they lead the audience through the dreams and nightmares of two migrant lovers.

3. What would happen if my house fell apart? I am my house, I have to be my own house. When the mother earth, the one who nurtures me and puts soil under my feet, suddenly rises, moves, and destroys all. In that moment the human has to be very strong, he has to leave and seek his own home within himself. Along to the rhythm of Sebastian Schmidt and his Hangdrum, two dancers move and make the tension between man and earth perceptible.

The choreographies were developed by Fernando Flores Juárez y Anna Adelhoff, who run the Ballet des Jeunes in Walhorn, Belgium. The dancers are trained in both classical and modern styles.