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The Wheel

In this series of works that make up «The wheel» we can see the circular shape as a narrative axis. Throughout his works, the series explores the references to the circular movement much more than its own shape.
As in many of the artist’s pictorial projects, in «The Weel» there are typographies, phrases that make a clear reference that indicates the direction of his aesthetic search, that can be seen clearly in the pieces «Manglar» or «Ilumíname». These two phrases are not coincidence, since in the work an aquatic world is appreciated as a source of inspiration or illumination. It seems that through «The wheel» its creator shows an underwater world accessible only through consciousness and illumination.
The movement achieved in the pieces offer the impression of being wheels that are carried away with such power that they destroy everything in their path like an untimely wave that in its chaos gives the fruits of the clarity of colors and shapes.