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Human anatomy is also presented as a central theme. Many of the compositions include skeletons or bodies showing muscles, stretch marks, flesh under the skin, as in anatomical drawings or studies. It would seem that in these compositions in which the artist enters to the body, he aims to point out that he is swimming in the depths, under the layers that make us up, to arrive, as the Argentinian poet Oliverio Girondo would say, to the «masmedula» (a neologism that takes us very far in the depths of being a creator). Cristian dives these places, and that identification between the creative process, the anatomy, the four elements, seems to shout, «this is me, this is the others inside me, I am made of so much world and so many plants and so many others» and so it is painting.
The sanctuary of art that Cristian finally builds and which he enters achieving to summarize in this series all his previous searches, the walks in the desert making circles with the objects of the migrants, the engravings folders, the pictorial series, everything comes together here, all the learnings mature in these ninety paintings and each one of them is a door in the complex tower of liberated concepts and techniques with the ones that Cristian confronts the canvas.